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The High Commission renders the following passport services to the Indian nationals residing in Seychelles. Fees for the various passport services may be checked from the Fees circular. 

Issue of  passport
Re-issue of passport
Issue of passport in lieu of lost/stolen/damaged passport
Issue of passport in Tatkal Scheme.

Download Passport Application Form*  

* To be used for Fresh/ Reissue/Replacement of Lost/Damaged passports/ Change of Name/ Appearance/ Exhaustion of pages . The same application form is used for passports for minors as well. New passport means applying for a passport for the first time or applying for a passport if you have never held any passport earlier.

Reissue means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing one which has either expired or is about to expire. An applicant may apply for a new passport in lieu of an expired/ about to expire passport upto 3 years after and 1 year before the expiry of the Passport. Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken for renewal of passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2). 

A new passport is issued in lieu of a lost/stolen/damaged passport.

Miscellaneous passport  services  (Click for Application Form No. 2 )
Change of address, change of name, date of birth,  place of birth, deletion/addition  name of parents and spouse.
Issue of Police Clearance Certificate
Endorsement of Emigration Check not required (ECNR)

Photo instructions for Passports Click Here

TIMINGS-Submission of Application: 08:30 hrs. to 12:00 hrs. (Monday to Friday)

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