Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) received 6 new TATA buses and one Carry Truck from India at its Praslin Depot on 25 October 2018 as part of Indian Grant of SCR 49 Million

The Indian high commissioner to Seychelles, Dr Ausaf Sayeed, presented the keys of the buses to the Minister for Land Transport Mrs. Pamela Charlette, in a small hand-over ceremony held at the company’s Praslin Depot, on Thursday morning. The buses have been specifically designed to suit the needs of the elderly and are disabled friendly with features such as safety stop bells, retracing foot rest for ease in grace, safety belts at each seat and are enabled with ITES systems such as destination board, automated ticketing machine provisions etc.

It is to be noted that these are part of the 71 Buses and 6 other Utility Vehicles to be donated to Seychelles during the course of this year. India had recently handed over 24 Big sized buses to SPTC in Mahé in the month of August 2018.

These buses are also equipped with ventilation system (fans) and stop light indicators. The seats are anti-vandal with sponge in the front and fiber glass on the back.

Speaking on the occasion, High Commissioner Sayeed said the arrival of the buses will go a long way in easing the lives of the commuters and was delighted to be part of India's first such hand over ceremony in Praslin and stated that this is just an humble beginning and more such benevolent activities will take place during the coming years. He added that it is a proud moment for India to be the first country to respond and provide all the support required in procuring the urgent spare parts and accessories post the fire accident at SPTC godown in Mahé. HC Sayeed said that India will continue to help and partner with Seychelles.

On her part, Minister Charlette said the donation symbolises the excellent relationship that exists between Seychelles and India and the cooperation in the provision of new buses dates back over three decades. These new buses are part of SPTC’s fleet replacement programme and will give a significant boost to existing fleet of buses of the corporation to meet the ever growing demand for services,” she said, thanking the Indian government for the donation.

The arrival of these buses comes from a grant of SCR 49 million from the Indian government to SPTC to purchase 71 buses from TATA Motors. The announcement of the grant was made earlier in March. The first batch of 24 buses arrived in the country on August 20 and this is part of the second lot of 36 buses, from which 6 buses were shipped to Praslin, which shall be on the roads of Praslin with immediate effect.

This apart India would also be donating 10 Ambulances to Health Care Agency for their Emergency Response Services (ERS) and equipments for Police Departments for its Toxicology, Criminology & Fingerprint analysis during the course of the next month.