The Government of India donated seven of a the total of ten vehicles earmarked to be donated to the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB) within the Police Department, to enhance its capacity in drug law enforcement during a ceremony held at ANB Station/Investigation Unit at Bois de Rose on 18 May 2018. The ten vehicles comprise five TATA Safari Storme, two Tata mini-buses and three TATA Xenon Carry vehicles amounting to USD 250,000/- in total. Of this, the seven vehicles, viz., five TATA Safari Storme, two Tata mini-buses were donated during the ceremony and the remaining three vehicles, when configured would be delivered subsequently.

The Indian High Commissioner Dr Ausaf Sayeed handed over the keys of the vehicles to the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kishan Labonte in the presence of the Hon’ble Designated Minister, Ms. Maczusy Mondon and His Excellency Ambassador Barry Faure Secretary of State to the Foreign Affairs Department during this brief ceremony.

Speaking at the occasion Dr Ausaf Sayeed said the India and Seychelles share a robust relationship in security and surveillance. The bonds date back to the 1980s and have been nurtured over the years. He said; "We value our strong and special relationship with Seychelles based on shared values and mutual trust. We look forward to further strengthening the enduring partnership. Also, the Indian Government has been and will be training a lot of Seychellois Police Forces, through ITEC Programs including sending Seychellois Police Forces to premier training institutes for Police in India like the National Police Academy in Hyderabad and bringing ITEC Experts from India for specialized training. This apart, Indian Government is also funding Seychelles Police Department to procure Fingerprint Analysis Equipments and Criminology and Toxicology Equipments from India. These would reach by mid of this year and would be unveiled for the services of the Seychelles Investigation Agencies subsequently. I believe this humble contribution from India would boost the maneuverability of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau in combating illegal drug related offences in Seychelles.”

The Commissioner of Police Mr. Kishan Labonte thanked the Indian High Commissioner for the valuable gift and remarked that the Seychelles Police Department has always benefitted from the aid provided by the Government of India. He said that Indian Government has in the past provided the Seychelles Police Department with valuable assets including ten jeeps, police uniforms and accessories last year. India provides holistic training and assistance programmes to the Seychelles Police Department. He commended that a large number of the Seychelles Police Personnel have been trained in various training institutions in India and have gained immensely through such programs.