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Notification for Award of Certificate of Honour

High Commission of India



Notification for Award of Certificate of Honour

Nominations are invited for Award of Certificate of Honour to scholars of Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Arabic, Persian,. Classical Oriya, Classical Kannada, Classical Telugu and Classical Malayalam and Maharshri Badrayan Vyas Samman (MBVS) for young scholars who have made a breakthrough in inter-disciplinary studies involving contribution of Sanskrit or ancient Indian wisdom/promotion of science in these languages.

2. The Certificate of Honour is awarded to Scholars of eminence over 60 years of age with outstanding contribution and MBVS award for young scholars in the age group of 30-45 years. They are Life Time Achievement Awards to Scholars in India and also to those living abroad (foreign & Indian nationals). Besides certificate, a shawl and onetime cash award are given to the awardees.

3. Interested scholars may contact this High Commission for further details by 20th April, 2019.